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the second successful and informed family conference

October 26, 2021Category : News

In the second successful and knowledgeable family conference, issues related to the family population were addressed :

1- Differences between large and sparsely populated families

2- Liveliness and excitement between large families

3- Games and entertainment between children in large families

4- Relationships and intimacy between large families

Tuesday, OCTOBER 26, 2021, in the amphitheater of Meybod Azad University, a successful and aware family conference was held with the focus on having a family with more children and creating joy and happiness between the family and more communication.
The ceremony was accompanied by a speech by Dr. Esmaeili
In the following, we benefited from the speeches of the CEO of the organization
Appreciation and thanks to the selected children of the workers who had the highest ranks in the city, province and country was one of the programs of this conference and the ceremony ended with the awarding of prizes to these loved ones.

Source: Public Relations of Meybod Amin Tile Company

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