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General introduction of the company

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Amin Tile Company  in 2014 in Meybod city, located 30 km from Chupanan road, has started its work in two phases of production of floor and body tiles with an annual capacity of 9 to 12 million square meters (depending on production size) in Yazd province.
High production capacity, capability of various product sizes and supervision of Italian experts using the most modern machinery and technology in the world are the honors of this company. The uses of this company’s products in the construction industry are very wide.
The company plans to send export cargo to neighboring countries, including Pakistan, Iraq, Oman, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Côte d’Ivoire and Syria.


Scope of application of management system

Design and production of floor and wall tiles in compliance with the requirements of the national standard, the needs and desires of the organization’s stakeholders and with full knowledge of the internal and external environment of the organization by implementing all requirements related to integrated management system except after delivery service (sales Paragraph 5-5-8).

Internal and external conditions of the organization

  • Profit of the organization :

    The profit in the organization is from productivity and increase of product sales through increasing marketing and advertising, identifying and working with active agents and eliminating inactive agents, increasing exports and setting up inactive production lines.

  • Marketing and Advertisement :

    Proper marketing and advertising are significantly effective in increasing sales and placing the product in the market.But due to the high cost of advertising, advertising has not been done on a very large scale.

  • Inventory management :

    In terms of inventory and inventory management, it should be said that proper management makes any project have a good position in the market and prevent depots and large inventory.

  • Capacity and ability of the organization :

    The organization has the capacity to produce different sizes. Also, the ability to color and prepare the product portfolio, the ability to stand out among competitors is a significant example of the organization.

  • Competitive Advantage :

    Among the competitive advantages of Amin ceramic tiles are the excellent quality of the organization’s products, reasonable price compared to high quality, fast delivery with reasonable shipping.


Becoming the top 10 brands in the ceramic tile industry in 2026




In order to achieve the desired vision, Amin Meybod Ceramic Tiles intends to produce ceramic tile products based on the highest international standards and in accordance with the highest international standards and in accordance with the increasing study and research and access to modern knowledge and relying on domestic and foreign experts. The needs of the market, in order to gain increasing customer satisfaction.
Improving quality, using the highest standards, developing and diversifying products and satisfying customers and stakeholders has always been the highest priority for this company.




Preserving human dignity, producing environmentally friendly products, innovating and developing technical knowledge in order to improve the level of national production, helping to create jobs and taking steps towards a resilient economy are among the values ​​and beliefs of the organization in order to achieve its vision.

Organizational strategies

1. Increase profitability by producing a variety of products
2. Monitoring foreign competitors and offering new and quality products
3. Creating a productivity system and reducing the cost of the product
4. Reducing the level of safety and environmental risk and meeting legal requirements
5. Increase company sales and customer orientation by increasing customer satisfaction and complaint management
6. Establish a reward and punishment system to keep the system dynamic
7. Creating branding policies to improve the position of the organization
8. Upgrading the technical knowledge of human resources and training specialized personnel
9. Avoid wasting resources to reduce costs and energy consumption